What to Expect

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What to expect when you worship with us

At Oasis Bethany Church of God, we understand that the last thing you need is a religious ritual that in no way relates to your life. We are committed to being relevant through:

Transparency – no pretense of perfection. We’re a real church made up of real people with real struggles

Modern worship – music that meets you where you are and helps you connect to God.

Relevant teaching & preaching – a real word the relates to where you are in your journey.

Thus, our worship is a celebration that encourages a more-than-Sunday-morning faith! Walk up our steps on a Sunday and you’ll experience a warm welcome from the greeters at the door. You are sure to see someone right away who reminds you of you! Our worship will feel informal in form, with music that will encourage your toes to tap, your hands to raise and your heart to soar!

You will be encouraged by sermons that encourage you on your journey with God and include the use of media, props and stories to engage your heart and mind.

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