“God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” 1 Peter 4:10

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Oasis Bethany Church is God’s church – made up of God’s people – serving in the gifts He has given them. We believe God brings together people, each with unique gifts, abilities and interests, for the mission He has given Oasis Bethany Church to accomplish. Everyone has a place in the ministry of Oasis Bethany Church!

When you choose to serve, you cross the line to let God use you to make a life-changing difference in other people’s lives. What on earth is better than that? We want to help you use what is inside you. It is important to us that you not only serve, but you serve in an area that you will be passionate about and fulfilled in. That is we have a special gift/interest tool to help you FIND YOUR FIT. Contact Pastor Jeff or your Connect Group Leader about taking the gift/interest survey.

Here are some descriptions of the Spiritual Gifts:

The Trail Blazer shows ownership, initiative, and is independent. You can tackle just about anything and love to figure out how to do things better. The trail blazer loves a challenge and will rise to it without fail every time!

The Guardian is a protector, a cultivator, and is compassionate. You watch out for the people around you and take care of their every need. The guardian is no wimp though; just try to hurt those close to a GUARDIAN and you’ll get a big surprise!

The Social Whiz is outgoing, friendly, and is a net worker. You love chatting it up with everybody and naturally make people feel at ease around you. People might say that “every time with the social genius is like the first time!”

The Mastermind is inspirational, motivating, and is a team builder. You can see the big picture vision and rally everyone behind it. You love seeing people come together to accomplish a common goal. If you see a great team, you can bet there is a MASTERMIND behind it all!

The Ninja is procedural, task-oriented, and is a detail lover. You love being as thorough as possible and would rather be behind the scenes than in front of a crowd. People may never see the NINJA, but they know you were there by trail of completion left behind you!

To FIND YOUR FIT, Contact Pastor Jeff or your Connect Group Leader about taking the gift/interest survey. We will then e-mail you and get you started on the process to plug into serving at Oasis Bethany Church.