Audio & Video Team

Audio & Video Team Training Resources

Sanctuary Video Projection: ProPresenter 5

Our Sanctuary video system uses ProPresenter 5 projection software. There are several training videos from Renewed Vision, the makers of ProPresenter, that will take you deeper into the software. To access these on Vimeo, CLICK HERE. Here’s the YouTube ProPresenter 5 Tutorial Playlist.

Children’s Worship Video Projection: OpenLP

Our Children’s Ministry video system uses OpenLP projection software. To learn how to use OpenLP, you can access the full manual by CLICKING HERE.

Here are 3 easy-to-follow video tutorials:

  1. OpenLP Tutorial: Interface Overview
  2. OpenLP Tutorial: Media Manager
  3. OpenLP Tutorial: Preview and Live Panels

Links to more detailed instructions on the most used features of OpenLP are available below:

Media Manager

  1. Songs
  2. Bibles
  3. Presentations
  4. Images
  5. Media
  6. Custom Slides

Service Manager

  1. Creating a Service


  1. Creating New Themes
  2. Editing Themes
  3. Deleting Themes
  4. Rename Theme
  5. Copy Theme
  6. Set as Global default


  1. Song Importer
  2. Creating or Editing a Song Slide


  1. Bible Import Wizard

Custom Slides

Stage Lighting Technician: Chauvet Obey 40

Our Sanctuary Stage Lighting system is currently a hybrid of front lighting using PAR 64 cans on an analog lighting console and LED DMX-controlled back lighting for mood/effects. To understand the basics of programming the Chauvet Obey 40 DMX controller, watch the videos below:

Basic DMX Programming 1

Basic DMX Programming 2